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Who Invented Alcohol - The History of Alcohol

Who invented alcohol is still an unanswered question as the history of alcohol dates back to 6000 to 4000 BCE. During this period, it is believed that, viticulture, the science of making wines came into picture. It is said that wine was originated at some location between the Black sea and Caspian seas; however, there are no certain evidences revealed as yet. It is evident that the history of alcoholic beverage dates back extremely early period of human history. There are archaeological studies that explain that grape wines have been in existences since over 10,000 years ago. According to some archaeological discoveries made to date believe alcohol was invented sometime around 7000 BC. However, to your amazement, beer is recorded in the history of Egypt and is originated around 9000 BC.

So... Who Invented Alcohol

Through the span of history, it is studied that alcohol has been used for varied social and other purposes. During battles it was used to encourage warriors, sealing pacts and for many other reasons alcohol was used. Numerous archaeologists believe that primeval nomads might have discovered beer from grain and water even before they learned the technique of making bread. Most ancient sects such as Celts, Norse, Egyptians, and Babylonians etc have recorded history, which reveals the fact that alcohol was produced and consumed during their period. You may be amazed to know that Egyptians used alcohol in their traditional rituals during burial as provision for afterlife journey.

During the period of 3000 to 2000 BCE wine become an important part of the civilization. Maybe they knew who invented alcohol.

The trade and production of wine was seen and implement especially in Mediterranean commercial sector and culture. To trade these produced wines from one region to another, ships provided that mode of transportation carrying large quantities of alcohol. Between 3000- 1000 BCE people used to adopt straws to drink beer as it was unrefined and usually contained grain and mash in it. The Egyptians alcoholics were the ones to invent the first straw to serve the purpose.

Through the course of time the civilization began to flourish and along with the thriving civilization the use of alcohol also increased. Did they know who invented alcohol?

Beer made in Medieval Europe had good amount of protein and carbohydrate, which gained them good status in the society. During the middle ages numerous monasteries made beer for their monks and also for the purpose of selling. In case of monks’, beer served as a source of energy provider especially during fasting, as drinking liquid was not considered as fast breaking act. By the later period of middle ages the science of brewing and distilling became common and was followed worldwide. There were numerous controversies in regards with beer and other alcoholic drinks. However, standing the test of time these drinks are still enjoyed by most people in almost every part of the world.

Nowadays, brewing and distilling has transformed to advancement and it is now easier to make quality drinks. Wines, beer and other alcoholic drinks are finely produced on large scale and transported to different parts of the world through advanced mode of transportation.  Even though such great changes took place the history of alcohol remains as interesting as ever and we may never uncover who invented alcohol at all, we will just enjoy it.

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