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Who has the Top Selling Beers

Many American wrongly assume that Budweiser is the top selling beer in America. The actual fact is that Bud Light has overtaken Budweiser in sales volumes in 2001 and has been retaining its number one position ever since. Bud Light enjoys abut 16% of the total beer market in US. Bud Light is also sold in Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, and Columbia. Even with the sale in these 7 countries, Bud Light managed to be the top selling brand in the world until the Chinese brand, Snow, overtook it in the last 2 years. The ranking of 10 top in US are as follows, according to available data.

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1. Bud Light
2. Budweiser
3. Miller Lite
4. Coors Light
5. Corona Extra
6. Natural Light
7. Heineken
8. Michelob Ultra Light
9. Busch Light
10. Miller High Life

Top Selling Beers in Canada

Canadians normally boast that the beers consumed by them are better in quality than that of Americans. However, some of the top brands in the United States rank as top selling beers in Canada also. In Canada, Budweiser heads the rankings, with Coors Light in the number two position. Molson Canadian is in the third place. The most popular Canadian brand can be mentioned as Labatt Blue.

Best Selling Beers in Brazil

Brazil is not a country normally associated with beer. Still, Brazil has the fifth highest population in the world with more than 200 million people. The local brand of Brazil, Skol, controls about one-third of the market in top selling beers. Brahma and Antartica, two other brands produced in Brazil have market shares of about 20% and 14% respectively. Ironically, all these three brands are produced by InBev, created by the merger of AmBev with Interbrew. Even though Anhauser-Busch is considered the largest beer company in the world, facts reveal that InBev is the largest brewer in the world today. This statement is made due to the reason that the brewing volumes of Tsingtao of China are not clearly available.

Best Selling Beers in Mexico

Mexicans prefer Corona as their number one choice and Corona also tops the rankings in imported beers in US according to latest data available, overtaking Heineken. Tecate and Dos Equis are ranked in the second and third places in top selling beers in Mexico. The largest selling light beer in Mexico is Tecate Light, even though its market share is not that significant.

Top Selling Beers in Germany

Germany is supposed to be the country that is obsessed with beers. The country possesses about 1,300 breweries, second only to US. Still, only the large companies dominate the beer market of Germany. Krombacher leads the pack, followed by Bitburger, Warsteiner, and Becks. Becks is the largest exported beer from Germany. The strict law of Germany, known as Reinheitsgebot purity law, limited the potential ingredients that can be present in beers. This has prevented imports of foreign brands into Germany, even though the European Union forced that country to repeal that law.

Best Beers in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom citizens have preferred ales in place of lagers for the past several centuries. However, lager beers have been gaining ground in Britain also and the sales of regional ales have been affected seriously by big national lager brands. Carling, previously known as Carling Black Label, is the largest selling beer in Britain, which is originally from Canada. Equally surprising is the fact that the Australian beer brand, Foster’s Lager, is in second place in the United Kingdom, followed by Stella Artois of Belgium and Carlsberg of Netherlands.

Top Sellers in Japan

Normally people associate Japanese drinking with sake, a local brew. The real fact is that sake has only around 8% share of the alcohol market, while beer market share is nearly 60%. Four large Japanese brewers dominate the Japanese beer market. Among the top selling beers in Japan, Asahi Super Dry heads the list, followed by other brands like Kirin, Sopporo, and Suntory.

Top Selling Beers in Australia

Australia is famous for its Foster’s Lager, which is known all over the world and is the second largest imported beer in England. Unfortunately, the largest selling beer in Australia is not Foster’s Lager but Victoria Bitter, lovingly named as VB. However, the irony is that VB brand is also owned by Foster’s. VB is holding the top position in Victoria, with Melbourne as its capital. New South Wales with Sydney as its capital prefers Toohey’s as the top beer brand. Queensland with capital city of Brisbane is dominated by XXXX

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