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What is Fortified Wine or, Sherry

Sherry is a fortified wine, made in Spain, in an area around the town of Jerez, in the province of Cadiz. The lack of understanding of Sherry is caused by cooking wine in
jugs labeled Sherry sold in every grocery and liquor store After Sherry has gone through fermentation, they add a neutral spirit, brandy to fortify. The different styles of sherry are characterized by the amount of yeast (called flor) to grow on top of the wine. All sherries are fermented dry, and any sweetness will be applied later. While port is fortified half way through fermentation, so that not all the sugars are allowed to turn into alcohol creating a sweet wine. Three white grapes grown for sherry making; Palomino, Pedro Ximenex, Moscatel Romano.

Sherry is aged in the Solera system; by blending wine through different stocks or barrels of wine, by adding older wines to younger wines to ensure consistency year after year. The distinctive character comes from the chalky soil, which absorbs an enormous amount of water, and the humid climate promotes growth of the yeast flor that settles on the surface of sherry while maturing in barrels.

Types of Sherry/Fortified

Manzanilla …very pale, very dry fino, where the Atlantic ocean influences its wine fragrance. Compliments tapas wonderfully.

Fino… basic, very pale, very dry, elegant wine, with a slight pungency, also great with tapas.

Amontillado…deep colored fino, with a nuttiness and body, served chilled.

Oloroso.…deep golden wine, quite dry but fairly sweet, full bodied, nutty. Compliments soups and Cheeses.

Cream… rich, golden sweet, soft and full body wine.

Brown.… very dark walnut sweet wine. Both of these wines compliments desserts.

From Fortified Wine to Vodka

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