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Irish Beer Brands

Irish beer brands - Beer has been serving as the finest thirst quenchers for many enthusiasts across the globe, and beer is brewed in various parts of the globe to sate specific thirsts as that vary from one season to another. The tippler who is habituated to drinking beer finds the Irish beer brands a top notch variety, but, when it comes to Ireland, beer swilling enthusiasts tend to opt for their stouts. Standing ahead of the many Irish beer brands is the popular brand of Guinness, which still is looked upon a popular Irish beer by many.

For many beer lovers, Irish beer stands synonymous with that of Guinness, and this finest stout is produced in two varieties, as that comes in the form of bottle Guinness Extra stout and draught Guinness. The other Irish beer brands that offer a stiff competition for the Guinness are but the Beamish stout and Murphy’s stout. Brewed in the county pertaining to Cork, Murphy’s Irish stout is a sweeter and a lighter dry stout, as the flavor reminds one of caramel as well as malt. Murphy’s also is free from carbonation, as this popular one among the many Irish beer brands is available in many countries.

Known to come with rich history, the Beamish stout takes pride in the Beamish brewing process, as the original Beamish yeast gets used for the brewing purpose. As one of the top Irish beer brands, Beamish stout is also an old establishment that has stood the test of time. This renowned brand among the many Irish beer brands offers different beer-drinking formats, as that can be seen through the bottles, cans and draught. Irish beer varieties also take into account cream ales, as the best Irish beer brands in this section happen to be the Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale and Murphy’s Red.

The Smithwick’s Ale is yet another brand that arouses enthusiasm amid the beer-guzzlers, as this amber-colored ale is known to possess a rich and a foamy head. Though it got purchased by Guinness, Smithwick’s Ale is one the fine tasting beers that Ireland has got to offer. A pale lager, the Harp Irish Lager, happens to be another of the popular one among the Irish beer brands, with the sweetish flavor of the beer inciting interest amid the beer lovers. For the beer lover who looks for the best brand to quench his thirst, the Irish beer brands are second to none in getting recognized as top quality beers.

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