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Being a Waiter or Waitress is a Profession?

Being a waiter, waitress or bartender in the food and beverage industry is a profession and you are a service professional. There are only two reasons you wouldn’t feel professional an appropriate title; first would be that you don’t feel you have the skills to be at that level yet, or you don’t think that serving tables is your profession.

First we will tackle the skill set issue. In most learning processes you start with small
steps and increase as you get more confident with the subject; well this subject is different. Here you start with the biggest step, the rest is easy! As much as anyone tells you differently, “this isn’t rocket science.” Once you have struggled over that first step the rest is an easy.

The First Step

Ok, Ok, get to the first step already!!!! You’ve already cleared that first, and hardest step to get over. Didn’t feel a thing, did you? The hardest step in becoming a service professional is two fold. First there is the drive to do it, and second is the desire to get better, and more knowledgeable about it. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have those covered! Covering your steps from there is the easy part, and a large part of our mission here. We are here to support you, to give you the tools, and to open a channel for you to contact and explore with the millions of other service professionals.

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Service Professional

If your reason for not considering yourself a “service professional” is thinking it’s not a profession I’m here to tell you just how mistaken you are. There certainly wouldn’t be some 13 million of you to begin with, but it goes much deeper than that! Sure, you may be going to school still, using this as a job until you get out and start making a life in the field of your choosing, but the skills and knowledge you accumulate now will be yours forever and will grant you a security like no other industry possibly can. If you are even a novice at this, you will always be able to find a job and make a wonderful living. The average income of a service professional is in excess of $35,000 a year. We are here to increase that bring home cash.

To Waiters and Up-Selling

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