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Using Restaurant Business Cards to Increase Your Business

Restaurant business cards are an often over looked aspect of a good restaurants marketing plan. While most operations spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on print, radio and television marketing, too few take advantage of marketing to the customers that have already shown their interest in the restaurant or bar.


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Restaurant business cards for your employees has several advantages, and can be an inexpensive way to further promote your restaurant. The first advantage is with out a doubt getting your brand in your customer’s hands. Branding is so important today that the big boys are pumping more and more money into name recognition, and you should too. The second important reason for you to have restaurant business cards is it is a great way to create customer loyalty. When they get that perfect meal and the perfect service, they have the opportunity to remember the experience when the server was kind enough to give them their restaurant business card. It not only gives the guest a way to remember you, and the server, but it also conveys a level of professionalism and pride.

Going All The Way

I have also gone a step further with my program, each and every employee has a business card with their name on it. Yes, even my dishwashers have my restaurant business card with their name proudly embossed on the card. What, Even the dishwashers? Certainly, they are as much a part of the team as I am. Not only do they talk to people and spread the positive word of the restaurant, but the acknowledgment also builds the team and the pride in the restaurant. Go ahead get a chuckle thinking about that title “Professional Dishwasher.” I hear you, but I certainly didn’t want it to be a joke so their cards look just like the managers, the chefs, the servers, the bartenders, the hostesses, and yes even mine. One title for all; “Whatever it Takes”

Cost Effective

With the cost of restaurant business cards from online printing companies as inexpensive as they are today it is an easy decision to go forward with this type of program. Business cards (250) can be as cheap as $3.99 per employee for a very basic card from companies such as Vista Print. If you want to upload your own logo and design your own card it can run up to $18.00 per. Another company with great online pricing is

If you just want to try the idea and not ready to jump into it fully I suggest creating a stock card where the name is left out and a space left to write in the employee name and ordering a higher quantity of cards. In either case this program works so get it started now.

From Restaurant Business Cards to Labor Cost

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