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Know Your Restaurant Job Description

Every restaurant has their own ins and outs when it comes to their restaurant job descriptions but we thought it would be a nice ides to start with the basics that should be expected at every restaurant.

We have listed the following positional breakdowns but a good food and beverage employee never just settles for getting the basics done, nor do they limit their responsibilities to just their narrow job duties. If you want to get ahead in the business your real job description is a compilation of all of the duties and responsibilities in the restaurant.

If you are a manager or owner please feel free to copy these, tweak them around to fit your operation and add them to your employee manual. Putting things down on paper sets the ground rules and holds your staff accountable.

Although the job descriptions are a nice addition to your employee manual don't stop there. Look through the resources, as we will be adding many additions that you would want to, or should add as well.

To Restaurant Job Description - Waiter

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