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In today’s competitive market place for restaurant management, arming yourself with the best and most recent information is essential. This site will focus on giving you the
tools, tips, and techniques you need to be a strong manager. Food and beverage managers are like no other managers in the job world. The food and beverage manager has enormous responsibility over a wide variety of areas, making it easy to get overwhelmed. Here, you will get the strength, guidance, and direction of your efforts to maximize the effects and keep you moving in a positive direction.

Clearly put, the most successful and highest valued people in the restaurant business are the ones who take every opportunity to learn more about the industry and take on as much responsibility as they can without over-exerting themselves. From knowing every type of food that goes through the doors, to finding the right provider of third-party logistics, knowing the ins and outs of the job will take you further than anything else.

A successful manager focuses on product management (cost of goods), labor management (employee hiring, training, motivating and controlling labor cost), supplies and products, and a general management area, which will range in scope. Conquering these aspects of restaurant management will not only make you a more effective manager but will increase your knowledge base making you more marketable and hence worth more. The more you learn the more you know, the more you know the more you're worth.

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Completing Tasks

As I said before, “it is easy to get overwhelmed as a restaurant manager; ” but just like anything, take one thing at a time. Learn it, implement it, and then move on. The first key to successful restaurant management is to be able to complete what you start (close the circle). Too many things are started and not finished; hence, it stays on your plate. Time management is the second. The need to be able to know what needs to be completed and in what order. Getting tasks done in this crazy business will make or break you as a restaurant manager. We all know that the business is based on putting out fires, and that will never change. The key is to organize your time so those little fires can be put out quickly without taking too much time away from you most important tasks on your list.

Using Our Resources

We also want you to utilize our resources area where you will find many excel programs which will help you organize your time and give you meaningful numbers to work with. As we know just how valuable your time is, we will do our best to give you only the most valuable information available in the most convenient manner possible.

We hope that you will be involved in the community here as well. The exchange of information we want to instill here will be invaluable to everyone. Please share your information, tips, and techniques with us here as well. You can do this through our chats and forums (available in June) or by writing an article for us to publish here on the site.

Join the community on our “Join Us” page and submit content whenever you feel there is something you think the community would enjoy.

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