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Every restaurateurs needs up to date and relevant restaurant owner information and we are destined to be just place for you to get all the restaurant owner information you
need. If you own a restaurant now you know the saying “if you want to make a ton of money in the restaurant business just start with a ton and a half.” Well, that’s one way, but lets try a different approach. Here we will try to minimize the outlays for your restaurant and or bar and maximize those dollars coming in.

The general public just doesn’t understand what a restaurant owner does. They just see you open and making a boat load of cash. We all know just how far from the truth that is. A restaurant owner has to be proficient at just about every aspect of business and much more. Not only is the owner the one that has put up all of the money and taken all of the risk, they also wear many other hats. As an owner we just don’t write the checks around the place, we are often the accountant, purchasing agent, receiver and controller. But it doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. Owners are the chief advertising agency, the contractor, plumber, electrician and all purpose handy man too.

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Many owners begin to get overwhelmed with all of the jobs that are thrown on their plate, and then fall into one of the greatest traps for owners in the industry. They fail to stop seeing the big picture. It is so easy to have things turn on you where you lose control and you are not running your restaurant any longer, it is running you.

Believe me, we’ve been there. With that in mind the main goal for this section of the site is to give you clear and concise information that we feel is relevant to running your business. The focus here will be to help you find ways to reduce your costs, find the best value products, keep you up with current trends, and to control your costs. We are also hoping to get you involved and exchange information with other owners in the food and beverage community through our forums.

Here we value your time and your money so by offering you a wealth of information to help you baby that restaurant of yours and to allow you to openly discuss problems and solutions with other restaurant owners without charging a dime we already have begun to fulfill our desires for the site. We hope you will be a vital contributor to the site so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or topics you would like to see covered. If you have any advice or information or have an article you feel would be relevant please forward it to us so we can publish it here. For now though enjoy the site.

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