Thinking About Getting Into The Restaurant Business?

So, you’re thinking about getting into the restaurant business, or wanting to try your hand at owning a bar?

Well first off let me tell you it’s certainly not as easy as it sounds. Sure you have eaten at restaurants and had drinks at bars, but it just isn’t as simple as thinking you can open one.

The food and beverage business is unique, challenging and very rewarding, but it is not for everyone. This section of the site focuses on what the restaurant business entails. We will begin with general business then direct our attention to the food and beverage industry exclusively.

This section is intended to give you a complete road map of how to get a restaurant open. Keep in mind that the business is not for everyone and in the beginning we will be trying to turn you away from opening your own restaurant or bar because it is a risky venture and many who open their own simply should not have thought about it from the start. This certainly does not mean we are negative about the business as it is just the opposite; we love the business and truly want those with a passion for it to succeed.

As the articles proceed we will bring you through concept development, business plans, financials and forecasting, restaurant layout and design, logo and image, financing, business structure, insurance, licensing, health and safety, menu development, construction issues, equipment, staffing, policies and procedures, cost controls, advertising, market development and hurdles and pitfalls. We will also have real time opening diaries or case studies for you to follow along with.

If you are going to be opening a restaurant or are thinking about entering the restaurant business this is the place for you to bookmark and check on frequently. If you are in the process of opening and would like to be one of our openings to follow please contact us and we will get you started as you get into the business.

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