Hospitality Spotlight Shows off the Industry

Welcome to the food and beverage underground hospitality spotlight section. Here you will find our current selection of in depth features on restaurants, Chefs, and wine.

Restaurant View
Our restaurant spotlight will look at a different restaurant each week emphasizing not only; the restaurant facts, menu, and location of the restaurant, but a also taking a look at what makes the particular restaurant unique. We hope to be able to give you a look inside, learn about the people that make it work.

Chef Light
The Chef Spotlight will not be a resume, but more of a road map of how the Chef got to where they are. We want to know the personal Chef, not the promo Chef. Since our community here is primarily made up of food and beverage people, we want to direct our spotlight Chef to show the food and beverage side of them.

Wine Light
The Wine Spotlight will focus on either a particular wine showing the special attributes and characteristics of the wine, or on a Vineyard, highlighting the owner or wine maker. In either case it is not designed to be a fact sheet, but rather an introduction.

As we are a community, our hospitality spotlights will follow through with that theme and show the real side of food and beverage. Enjoy the spotlights!

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