How and Why Food and Beverage Underground is Here

Food and Beverage Underground came about out of sheer frustration. Finding relevant information that wasn’t a

“come on” or promo to buy some program on how to run a restaurant or how to be a better waiter. We thought that the food and beverage people deserved something better.

There are over 13 million of us and to have to settle with the few quality sites on the Internet is ridiculous. There was no uniting place, no community, and no resource for relevant and free information.

We decided that we would be that place. It was an easy decision, but implementing it hasn’t been. The work involved to launch a web site that is so encompassing has unique challenges. Our first hurdle; we knew absolutely nothing about building a web site. We did not know htlm (the language of the internet), nor did we want to spend the thousands of dollars needed to build such a site. After doing an enormous amount of searching to find a way to get this started we came across our savior, and one of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever made; Site Sell.

You will very rarely find us tout products outside the food and beverage industry, but this, all in one, web site building product is so affordable, so easy to use, so versatile, and has such potential to change peoples lives, that telling you about it is a pleasure. Our great discovery is another story though, so if you want to know more here is the link that can help you in many ways- Check out what made Food and Beverage Underground possible

We also have the hurdle of getting information together to put on the site for it’s initial launch. Since the site is new and had no traffic we had a special group of people write for us as we set everything else up. Also, since we are new we still need to get people involved and generate more content. We are still doing our best to get more and more people involved and slowly we are growing. Our resources are expanding, related article list growing, and the community is finding out!

We have a full one-stop food and beverage site planned and are implementing the full development in stages. You will soon see forums, chat rooms, even restaurant spotlights and listings. We will have full library of forms, programs, and systems that will give you an enormous amount of help and guidance.

We are always on the lookout for people to get involved. If you have any suggestions, comments or would like to submit content for the site let us know. We want this to be a fun, educational, and lively environment.

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