Our Wine Spotlight is on Honig Vineyard and Winery

onig Vineyard and Winery is perfect for our first "Wine Spotlight." Each of our spotlight entries focuses on a wine vineyard, winery or wine maker that has shown to rise above in either the quality of wine, their

production process, or their contribution to the wine industry as a whole. Our intent is to inform you of wines you should get behind and be proud to serve. Here you get a look behind the label. This will also give you wonderful information to pass on to your guests when selling the wines (remember, a good story helps sell more wine).

We are proud to highlight Michael Honig and all the people associated with the vineyard for pulling off all of the above. The Honig label has always been associated with exemplary wines (sauvignon blanc and cabernet) that are available at list friendly prices, but there is so much more to the brand. Michael and company have brought not only a family atmosphere and philosophy to their wines they have also brought an awareness to many issues concerning the future of the industry. In other words Honig is green. So pour yourself a glass and while your sipping finish reading just why that wine is so special.

Honig wines are about more than just producing great wines, they are about producing great wines with a conscience. Yes, there are numerous brands that hype the “Organic” label on their packaging, but I’ve had the honor to have been associated with the Honig’s for many years now and they practice what they preach. More than just practicing they are pushing the envelope.

Vineyard Practices
* Using organic fertilizers
* Planting cover crops to enrich soil and eliminate erosion
* Using organic pesticides to control weeds
* Installing owl houses, bat boxes, bluebird houses and hawk perches to reduce insects
and rodents* Using bio-diesel in tractors
* Mechanically tilling instead of spraying herbicides
* Irrigating by drip method, conserving water
* Improving habitat along vineyard edge by planting hedgerows to attract insect pests (such as the blue green sharpshooter) out of the vineyards or as Elaine Honig calls it -- “The Sharpshooter Buffet”

Winery Practices
* Using solar power to power the winery, diminishing dependence on fossil fuels
* Composting pomace (grape stems and seeds)
* Recycling glass, cardboard, metal, paper, plastics
* Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
* Reusing shipping containers
* Tracking and reducing water use
* Using lighter weight bottle glass

They also are very active in spreading the word and instrumental in transforming the industry. * Supporting the community and communities where Honig Winery & Vineyard does business.
* Michael Honig chaired the committee to develop the Code for Sustainable Practices Sustainable Practices for The Wine Institute and Elaine Honig is active in local environmental causes.
* Winemaker, Kristin Belair, works with winegrowers, sharing and encouraging sustainable practices.

Being in the business for as long as I have, has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people in the industry and I have to say I’ve been fortunate that the Honig’s have been among them. The articles written here are not for advertisement, not for press, not written for a deadline. These articles are an honest and rewarding way to tell about real people in the wine industry that are just that, real. Thank you Michael and the all of the great people at Honig, including that brand new addition of yours! Congratulations!!!

And that’s The Bottom Vine!

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