Will The Restaurant Business Success Stories Include You?

So, you are looking at going into the restaurant business. You have obviously stuck with us in this series of

articles so now I want to let you know what the restaurant business is really like, and what it takes to follow that road.

There are thousands of people every day that think they would like to open a restaurant. Thankfully few follow through. Most of the want to be restaurant owners start doing a little research and find out all that is involved and turn their focus. Well, I am here to try to do the same with you. Why? Because I am doing my best to give you a look at the reality of the business and hopefully save you a lot of heart ache, or, if you are still determined, give you all of the tools and resources you will need to be successful at it.

I am not just blindly speaking here as I have opened four restaurants myself. One was wildly successful, one was a success, one was a bust from the get go, and another was a complete failure. I’ve been in the business my entire 44 years and have been down those roads. What did I get out of my experience? Knowledge. I know what it takes and the hurdles lying ahead of you.

My goal in this article is to try to let you know what you're in for if you do decide to go through the process. The restaurant business is like no other business as the restaurant business is a culmination of just about every business in the market today.

You have to be prepared to be not only the restaurant owner but the accountant, purchasing agent, quality control specialist, customer service representative, personnel manager, advertising genius, and lawyer. You can also expect to be the contractor, electrician, plumber, and computer guru. If you can pull all that off you can then focus on what really makes your business successful, being the manager, hostess, chef, waiter, bartender, and yes even head dishwasher!

Do you have to be an expert at all of these functions? No, but you had better have a good grasp of them and have someone who is close at hand. The restaurant business has a unique knack at throwing you something new every day.

The first thing you are going to have to realize is a new restaurant or food and beverage establishment is more than just a business, more than just a legal entity, it is a living and breathing being. When I had three restaurants going at one time I use to love to say, “I have three wives and 135 children.” It wasn’t far from the truth. When one failed it was like losing a part of me. It wasn’t about the money, or even the fact that it failed, but that I was suppose to take care of it and failed.

Your business will be the same I assure you. There are some basics and demands that are asked of any new food and beverage venture. The restaurant business is unique as I said, and it takes a unique individual to go into it. The next article will give you an idea of some of the must have qualities and expectations the business will have of you.....

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