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A Free Restaurant Menu Template may not be Free

Free restaurant menu templates are good for some operations, but remember everyone that sees them usually takes them. When a restaurant is looking for that special menu template they need to consider a few things before they go ahead and put their menu in front of customers.

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  • food and beverage undergroundYour restaurant menu is a perfect way to not only show your customers what you offer, but it also gives you a perfect opportunity to brand yourself.

  • food and beverage undergroundYour menu should reflect the style of your operation. A sports bar certainly does not want to have a menu that looks like a fine dining establishments’ menu any more than a Mexican restaurant menu should have Chinese symbols along the side.

  • food and beverage undergroundYour restaurant menu template should clearly layout your menu offerings to your customers.

  • food and beverage undergroundThe template you choose should be versatile and easy to change. Look for menu templates that come with “hot” zone areas clearly defined. These “hot” zones are where you want to place your highest profitability items or signature items.
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Designing the perfect menu for your restaurant is a multidiscipline effort. It requires an understanding of design, layout, copy-writing style and the psychology of how a menu is read. An average customer spends just over three minutes reading a menu so you have a relatively short amount of time to showcase what you are offering and get the sale.

Many of the free restaurant menu templates that are out there may be truly free, but there is much more to a successful menu than just what some designer thinks is pretty. Your restaurant menu is a living and breathing element of your restaurant. Make sure that someone who understands the business as well as design builds it.

A solid menu design template can generate your establishment thousands of dollars a year when done properly making those free restaurant menu templates very expensive in the long run.

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