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Free Restaurant Menu Design Tips

Looking for some free Restaurant menu design tips? You should be as menu design is the most often overlooked part of many restaurant operations, yet it is one of the most vital contributors to your bottom line. A strong restaurant menu is not simply a list of your offerings. It is not just a branding opportunity. It is not just a chance to highlight specials. It is not a way to ring that register. A strong restaurant menu is all of these and even more.

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With the average diner spending just three to four minutes perusing your menu you have to step out strong. When looking at the menu design you need to take into account the cosmetics of what you want.

  • food and beverage undergroundDoes it brand your restaurant? Make sure your name and logo are prominent.
  • food and beverage undergroundDoes the feel of the menu design compliment your restaurant and your message? If you are a French restaurant does the menu portray that?
  • food and beverage undergroundIs your color pallet appealing?
  • food and beverage undergroundIs the font choice appropriate? Make sure the font is readable and clear to the guest.

Another free restaurant menu design tip is to also make sure you take into account your menu items and their descriptions. You want to make sure your descriptions are honest and enticing. Instead of simply putting “Salmon” why not “Fresh Alaskan Salmon” as long as it is fresh that is.

Your descriptions also give you the ability to showcase your kitchens abilities. Terms such as "pan seared," "deglazed," or "compote" will portray an educated staff. In any case make sure that the guest gets the information they need:

  • food and beverage undergroundWhat it is
  • food and beverage undergroundIngredients in Dish
  • food and beverage undergroundHow its Prepared
  • food and beverage undergroundHow its Served

Once you have your restaurant menu design ready and your descriptions done it is time to place your items. Do not, I repeat, do not simply just list your menu items! This is the best free restaurant menu design tip going!

Think your menu out and split it into categories. Try not to have more than six to eight items in a category with the exception of appetizers where you can have a dozen or so.

Next utilize the psychology of item placement. The average person will look at the center of the menu when they open it but their glance will quickly shift to the top right of the menu. The top corners of your menu are the "hot" spots so try to put your highest profit margin items there.

Consistently track your menu item placements vs. sales to see what spots are the hottest areas. Use these areas to increase profits or to balance out your kitchen in a station is getting slammed while another is slow.

Your menu is a living entity and to utilize it successfully you must continuously tweak it to make sure you are getting the desired effects.

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