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Save Thousands by Buying
Used Restaurant Equipment

Used restaurant equipment is the savior of many a new restaurant ventures. Sure, you may be lucky enough to have
all of the capital you need when starting a new restaurant, but is the budget so inflated as no not try to save where you can?

Let me give you a little in-site into how to save thousands of dollars on you opening costs expenditures. Spend the savings on marketing and promotion for your opening and turn the thousands saved into tens of thousands more money coming into your bank account.

Where to Look

Enter the used restaurant equipment market. Every area has local suppliers that deal in used restaurant equipment so starting with them is always a good idea, but they are not the only show in town. Quite frequently you can find the owners of restaurants that have closed recently have stuffed all their equipment into a storage unit and are paying that bill every month to keep their things. They will be more than willing I’m sure to get rid of all they can for pennies on the dollar.

Another key resource is your local paper where you will find listings for individual pieces as well as possible auctions too. The problem with the paper, however is that it is limited to the selection available at any one time.

Used equipment auction houses fix that problem and usually have a huge selection of equipment. They are probably not located down the street from you, but if you plan ahead a drive to a near-by auction will always be worth the trip. Look here for a good listing of used restaurant equipment auctions. Before you go to any used equipment auction make sure you read our article on how to save a bundle at "restaurant Auctions.

From Restaurant Equipment to Used Restaurant Equipment Auction

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