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Is the Food and Beverage Industry for You

If you are looking at entering the food and beverage industry there are several things you need to realize before jumping in. First and foremost food and beverage is a way of life not just a job. Sure, there is the draw of good money, great hours and flexibility and a relatively easy entry path, but beware the f&b will get it’s claws in you!

I am certainly not putting down food and bev as I have been in it for over 25 years and have loved every minute of it. Food and beverage has created me a wonderful and exciting life that many only dream of. I have worked in ever position in the industry from dishwasher to owning my own multi-unit operation. I have made wonderful friends who I still consider my family and if you are thinking about entering the food and beverage industry you very well may be creating a whole new family of your own.

Food and Beverage is Demanding but Rewarding

The business is demanding and rewarding if you are the right kind of person, if you are not the business will usually let you know in short order.

Many people enter the industry to add extra cash to party on while going to school. The lure of the food and beverage industry often makes it too easy for individuals to take an extra semester which can often extend to a year or more. Don’t do it!

Although the f&b has been great to me I would never have let my schooling slide like so many others have. Keep those options open for yourself. Finish whatever you are pursuing and then decide if food and beverage is the right career path for you.

While you are going to school, however, food and beverage is a perfect industry to give yourself real skills that can follow you forever and will always allow you to have a beautiful safety net if things ever go badly for you. Look at the current economic downturn. There are masters degree and PHD’s out there waiting tables today.

The food and beverage industry is not for everyone, but if it is in your blood go for it! Learn all you can! The more you learn the more you know! The more you know the more your worth! It works just that way in f&b too! Learn all you can and explore the possibilities.

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