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Change your Waiter Job
Descriptions to Business Owners

Turn you waiter job descriptions to be business owners. If your waiting tables and going through the motions just like every day, well you need to change those motions to get ahead! When is
the last time a manager came up to you and said “you’re doing such a good job I think you need a raise.” A waiter? “Yah right, I’m not that absent minded waiter, I live on waiter tips! Well you’re right, chances of that raise happening any time soon is pretty far fetched, but you don’t need a manager to give you that raise, you can give it to yourself!

You Are Your Own Business

You are not just a waiter or waitress, you’re a business owner, and you are the business! You are basically leasing space from the owner of a restaurant and you have certain duties (your waiter job descriptions) you need to perform to pay rent for the use of those tables. You don’t have a monthly payment for the tables you rent but you do have a level of expectation and duties that you have to perform to rent those tables. You have your side work, opening and closing duties, and you are expected to assure that the product and service you are giving your guests are up to the standards that the owner requires. Meet those expectations, and fulfill your duties and the tables are yours, now you have to make sure that those rented tables cover the expenses of your business, mainly your time, and what is your time worth? I think my time is invaluable, what about you?

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Getting the most out of your business

This series of articles will focus on getting the most and the best out of each and every customer you have. This series of articles will focus on just what those customers are worth to you, and how to get the most out of each and every one of them. We will not only look at the instant gratification you get at the end of a great meal, that loving tip, but we will also look at the long term profits you will reap by over satisfied guests! The first article, will look at tips and techniques of up-selling and how it effects your bottom line. “Service that Sells” looks at what each and every over satisfied guest leads to more bring home cash for you. And finally, “The Big Picture” will look at why those over satisfied guests will keep your business open.

Now that your waiter job descriptions have changed it's time to get to work and make those changes profitable!

Waiter Job Descriptions to Up Selling

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