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Increase Your Waiter Tips by Keeping Your Hands Full

"No Empty Hands" will increase your waiter tips! Sure, you’ve heard it before, but realize what it means to your take home cash! There is a vast difference between a bad server and a good one, but only a slight difference between a good one and a great
one. I suspect you feel you are at least a good server, so now push yourself a little further and become a great one. The difference takes just a little effort, awareness and more tips of course.

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Remember you little section on any given night is your own piece of real estate. The value of your real estate is directly proportional to your neighbor’s value, so it goes to be said help your neighbors and you’ll make more money.

All night long you go back and forth through your section going to the bar, to the kitchen and to the hostess stand. Time and time again you walk through your section and your neighbors. It would be such an easy task to keep your eyes open and instead of just people watching look for how you can help out your neighbor’s tables. Every time you pass I’m quite sure there is an opportunity to buss an empty plate, fill a glass of water, or just answer a simple guest question.

How this helps your tips

What this does to your tips may not seem evident on the surface, but I assure you it will increase them. Not only is the action infectious as you will soon find your neighbors helping you out, giving you more time to focus on the finer points of service, but it gives the guest a better experience, which translates to better waiter tips.

Everyone Wins

The benefits of this simple strategy goes much further than just helping your fellow waiters, it promotes teamwork, it puts a better light on your restaurant and it adds to every waiter tip pool. Such a simple task, so many benefits. Start using those empty hands of yours!

Don't forget to try to catch them when they leave and thank them again for dining with you!

From Waiter Tips to Up-Selling

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