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Restaurant Slicers -
How To Buy The Right One

Commercial restaurant slicers can be a tricky purchase as they are hard to determine the capacity you
need. This will be the major focus for you but there are other variables that you must also consider; the size of the product you will be slicing and how often it will be used.

Compact slicers are generally manually operated and ideal for sporadic and lower volume slicing needs. The heavy duty slicers are the most popular in restaurants as they generally use the slicer a good bit more. In deli operations they are a must, and they also opt for automatic models. The automatic models can be set to slice a specific number of times at a given thickness.

You will be able to decide if you want a belt or gear driven modle. The gear driven restaurant slicers are generally a little more expensive, but produce more torque and can be a workhorse. The gear driven models produce less torque, but they are usually less expensive and easier to service if needed.

Safety and cleaning of the pieces should always be a primary concern as well. Most models today have all the safety concerns covered with guides and guards in the most dangerous places, but make sure before you buy. Also make sure that the slicer is is easy to break down for cleaning.

Warranties are the final point that can eliminate some of the field when looking to buy this piece of restaurant equipment. You want at least a 1-2 year warranty on parts and at least that on the motor.

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