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Restaurant Plateware Promotes Your Image
And Sets The Feel

The process of choosing restaurant plateware is much like the process you go through in choosing your glassware. There is a trade off that you have to make in functionality, durability, stylishness and cost.

If you have a fine dining establishment you will have to take more time in finding the right plateware for you. What your key focus should be is looking for the plate that fits your restaurant concept and what you are trying to purvey to your guests as far as your food design. I’m sure you realize if you are targeting the upper end customers that the look and feel of the plate must also meet the standards that your guests expect.

Keeping in mind that guests eat with their eyes much sooner than they eat with their mouths is a must. Regardless if you decide to go with a clean white or colored plate, or one with an intricate design there is a world of difference in what a plate brings to the table.

If you decide to go with a more expensive restaurant plateware like this, and you have found a design that you feel will present your food properly then your next concern has to be how durable it is. You certainly do not want to be spending a fortune replacing your plate ware because it was non-commercial grade to begin with. Finally you have to check out that your investment in restaurant plateware will be safe from being discontinued forcing you to replace the entire stock when you start running low.

Although there are several plate manufactures out there, stick with one of the top name brands such as Mikasa. Their plates are of exceptional quality; they have a large selection and will assure product replacement.

If you feel that your customers are “plate insensitive,” in that they really do not put much, if any emphasis on what their food is served on then you have to find a nice balance between functionality, durability and cost.

There are numerous manufactures out there that all have lines that will fit what you are looking for, but just as the process above there are certain things that you must assure before you go spending any real money.

First you need to find a manufacture that has commercial grade plates and look for a style and pattern that suits you. See what their warranty is as many of the better manufactures will replace plates that chip or crack out of normal use. You want a company that stands behind their product.

Make sure that they do not have any plans discontinue the line as many companies do (especially if they are on sale.) There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on plates or glassware and then find out you can’t get replacements.

Because of these facts I usually suggest that you stick with name brand lines such as Oneida and Homer Laughlin as they not only have been in the business for some time, but they are very use to dealing with restaurants, and they have multiple lines and quality levels.

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