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Getting The Right Food Processor
For Your Operation

When choosing a restaurant food processor there are three main things to consider; power, size and cost. Since the dollars. Restaurant processors not only slice and dice, but can also be used to chop, puree, cut,
shred, julienne, and even liquefy. Just the labor saving from these little devices makes the investment well worth it. Keeping that in mind go for the higher models.

Most processors have stainless steel or plastic bowls and vary in size from 2 qt to 6 qt sizes. You will have to decide which is right for you and your operation. If it is going to be used often and you have plans for it to help in big batch recipes go for the larger size. Also look for the bells and whistles as many units come with several attachments.

If you feel that you will be using your restaurant processor frequently or may be using it for chopping fairly frequently it is probably better if you look for a unit that has a 1hp motor. Most manufactures also offer ½ hp motors.

Units vary greatly in price depending on the power, size and manufacturer. Smaller units can run as inexpensively as $500 and the larger up to the $2,000 range.

Drawbacks & Recommendations
Many units are frankly, a pain to clean! Look for units that are simple to breakdown and have fewer parts. The industry favorite is also ours; Robot Coupe. If you are serious about using your restaurant food processor get the best one you can, and Robot Coup is the best. You can find their smaller unit (R2N) that is very versatile for around $900 and their larger faster unit (CL50) for around $1,500. Invest the extra $600 and get the big boy! We found the best price online at Instawares so if you want to shop their offerings click on the food processor picture above.

From Food Processor to Flatware

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