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Chef Knives - What You Need To Know

Chef knives are the most used tool in the business so make sure the investment is worth it. are proud possessions of every great chef, so make sure you take your time making this purchase.
If you are making your first knife purchase the beat advice I can give you is learn what to look for here, and then go to a restaurant supply store and put your hands on the knives.

Buying your first set of chef knives need to be a hands on experience as so many have different feels to them. You need a set that not only fits well in your hand, but one that has the balance, grip, and feel that suits you. So if this is going to be your first knife purchase get back into the kitchen and grab your friends knives and see which feels best.

The four biggest factors when choosing a knife

The tang is the piece of the knife that extends from the tip of the knife to the handle and provides the frame and support for the knife. The tang in well-balanced knives goes right through the handle to the end of the knife. Usually the better manufactures like Henckel that have constructed their knife in this manor and have spent considerable time in assuring the knife is well balanced, but you have to get the knife in your hands. A knife that is not balanced properly will be awkward and feel clumsy in your hands.

Most restaurant cutlery manufactures are now creating ergonomically designed grips that reduce the fatigue chef’s feel in their hands after prolonged use. Most grips are also non-slip so what you need to look for is a grip that fits properly in your hand so you have firm control of the knife.

Blade strength
The blade of the knife is either forged or stamped. The forged knife is a better quality knife as these pieces are individually poured and then hammered into their shape. Stamped knives are cut out of sheets of metal. After the piece is made they are then ground and honed.

Most chef knives today are made of a high carbon stainless steel. The higher the carbon in the metal the sharper the edge you will be able to get on your knife. The stainless steel addition holds the edge longer and makes the restaurant cutlery rust proof.

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