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Lighting a Cigar And Smoking


The act of lighting a Cigar can be as ritual as much as smoking the Cigar itself. Cigars are sensitive to odors, so
make sure to use the proper lighters, Gas or a match are the best.

The flame doesn’t need to touch the Cigar, gently draw on the Cigar while holding the match or flame an inch away, twisting the Cigar as it lights so that it will burn equally.

They say after a Cigar goes out, it is not advisable to go through lighting a cigar again, but I haven’t had any detrimental affects over the years.

Smoking the Cigar

Please make sure you enjoy your smoke at a leisurely pace to enjoy the full flavors. By allowing slow small puffs, one will get the most out of your smoke. By taking large, heavy pulls off of your Cigar it will get hot, and the taste will not be at its best.

Try to allow the Cigar to accumulate a long ash, never tapping on the ashtray, just roll it on the ashtray for best results. To extinguish your smoke, simply lay Cigar down in ashtray, and it will go out on its own without unwanted odors. Make sure to enjoy one of your favorite pastimes while smoking, whether it be walking the dog, after dinner with a cognac, or port, while driving. There isn’t a true time to smoke or is there a certain drink you should enjoy with your time. My argument is drink and smoke what you like, when you want (as long as the wife says you can smoke in the house) if not another reason to go outside.

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