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Cigar Smoking Etiquette

Smoking cigars is an ideal source of enjoyment for some of the enthusiasts, but the smoker who is well-mannered also knows that the smell and taste of the cigar doesn’t go well with everyone. It could be a demanding task to enjoy the cigar as well as to make sure that others don’t get offended through this act, and when you take pains to know about the cigar smoking etiquette, you can enjoy the cigar as well be nice as not to offend the others.

In case if you happen to live with non-smokers, then you ought to spot a well-ventilated area pertaining to your residence to light up the cigar with all comforts. It is also not the best of ideas to get locked in a room to enjoy the cigar, and you should avoid smoking a cigar in a closed area. If you enjoy the luxury of a lawn, you can even enjoy the cigar by pulling up a lawn chair and having a relaxed time with your cigar, all for yourself. Most importantly as when you are keen to know the cigar smoking etiquette, there is yet another feature that demands your attention. As an individual taking pleasure in smoking cigars, you would also look to smoke cigars outside your residence. During such times, you should take note of the fact that the respectful and courteous cigar smoker will move ahead to light up his cigar only at the areas that permit this act legally. There are places, as in the case of bars, that do not allow cigar smoking inside the venue, which ought to be considered by the cigar smoker.

As when you are keen to know about the cigar smoking etiquette, you ought to be wary of another important element to enjoy cigar smoking. As when you get necessitated to be with an individual who doesn’t smoke cigar, you should make sure to seek his permission before you light up your cigar. You should also make sure that there is enough ventilation for the smoke to go out before venturing to enjoy your cigar.

While the cigar smoker is keen to embrace the cigar smoking etiquette, his attention is also grabbed by the ashes that fall from the lighted cigar. The polite cigar smoker is one who will offer his attention to the ashes, as he will also take measures to dispose the ashes in an appropriate as well as in a safe manner. While you crave to enjoy the cigar, you should also take note of the cigar smoking etiquette to avoid troubling non-smokers.

From Cigar Smoking Etiquette to a Great Cigar

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