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Thinking About Opening a Cigar Martini Bar

If you are thinking of opening a Cigar Martini Bar, here are a few ideas to get you started. The idea of opening this type of bar creates a feeling of grandeur. When I opened my first cigar martini bar this was the theme. We filled all the rooms with posh seats and couches, and every room had a different décor. The walls were dark mahogany, with tray ceiling to give these rooms an elegant gentleman’s club. The idea gives me warm feelings just thinking about the Club. I included a few ideas that helped me get started on how the Club worked and flowed. I hope you let your creative juices flow, and create an idea that will be profitable and pleasurable at the same time.

Ideas for a Cigar Martini Bar:

Antique Martini shakers around bar
Use Large bottle formats for displays
By the glass offer 1, 3, 6 oz pours
Used flavored or dessert wines for specialty drinks
House signature Martini or Cocktail
Offer unique condiments to your drinks; frozen grapes dusted in sugar/ mint, frozen fruit, Peppermint, Cinnamon sticks
Open any bottle w/ a guarantee of two glass minimum
Eclectic Bar with traditional seating rooms with different ambiances.
Offer food pairings
Everyone dressed for success from the doorman to cocktail
Wines displayed throughout the bar
Flights of wine daily/weekly
Rotate wines monthly
Book case filled with Martini, Cigar, Wine books
Play music appropriate to the theme
Offer a nice selection of domestic and import beers
Food to share/ Tapas or Entrée for two
Appeal to women, lush paisley fabrics
Offer a ladies night

Drink ideas from a bar I used to own.

Rob Roy Martini – served with Macallan single malt Scotch & Stock sweet vermouth
Essential Martini – drop of Royal Tokaji Essencia Aszu wine with Citron Vodka
Stoli Lemon drop Martini – Bitter soaked sugar cube & Stoli Limonaya
Chocolate Martini – Godiva, Ketel One, Crème de Cocoa with a Cocoa powdered rim
James Bond original – Shaken not stirred
Vesper – Gin & Vodka
Backstage Stinger – Brandy, Crème de Menthe, Soda, & crushed ice
Maltese Falcon – Black Sambuca, Framboise, Lemon juice, & Club soda
CasaBlanca – Aged Rum, triple sec, & Cherry Liquor
Martini Bellini – Vodka, Peach nectar, lemon zest & twist
Cosmopolitin – Vodka, cranberry juice, lemon zest
Crown Martini – Crown Royal, Ginger coin, & Club soda
Ketel One Martini – served with Tomolives (pickled green tomatoes)
Hennessey Martini – Squeeze of lemon wedge & stirred
Champagne Martini – Amaretto, Champagne, & a splash of Cranberry
Naked Martini – Gin on the rocks
Champagne Cocktail – cube of sugar, bitters, crushed ice, Champagne, & twist of lemon
Manhattan Club – 1870 Manhattan
Scotch Mist – Shaved ice, Twist, served in an Old fashioned glass
Cubra Libre – White rum & a splash of Coca Cola

Cordials, or Flavored Liquors

These syrupy beverages are often used as after dinner drinks.

Grand Marnier-Orange
Baileys-Milk Chocolate

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