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Cigars and Cigar Accessories You Need

Looking for that special cigar gift for that cigar lover on your list?We have found several must haves for every cigar lover so when you arechecking your list make sure they have these.

Our first choice is the must have humidor. We have searched theInternet and found several that will be sure to satisfy every cigar smokers needs, but if one of our favorites do not fit your needs click on one and search the selection at these online suppliers.

Another great cigar gift is a lighter. No a simple Bic just doesn’t make it when your talking about a serious cigar smoker. Here is a selection of our favorites, but as with the humidors, if one of these doesn’t fit the bill click on one and check out the sites selection.

There is also the always loved "cigar clubs" that can be purchased for that cigar lover. These monthly subscriptions send a variety of hand rolled cigars each month. This not only allows the recipient the opportunity to try some hard to get gems. Our favorite is the Gourmet of the Month Club which has great pricing and offers memberships from two to twelve month terms.

Other great accessories we have found that will be very appreciated are:

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