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Storing champagne

As the noblest of drinks, Champagne is an effervescent, fizzy, frothy and a bubbly drink to boot. An expensive beverage like champagne calls for extreme tact on the part of the user as when storing champagne gets done. Though the suggestions related to storing champagne are conflicting and take varied views from different individuals, here is the ideal pointer that helps individuals as when they look at storing champagne. If you care to know about the essential details for handling champagne, here are the ways to store the unopened bottle as well as store the leftover champagne.

Storing champagne when unopened

As when you plan for storing champagne when it is an unopened bottle, the cellar happens to be the best place for storing champagne. This is particularly beneficial if the place is a damp and cool downstairs. Also, when storing champagne, the place has to be a damp and dark place with the temperature at the region falling between 50 and 55 degree Celsius. A slight variation with respect to the temperature will not matter much, but this sumptuous and sparkling wine can be spoilt if there is an extreme change in the temperature, both on the higher and lower ends.

Also, when you are planning for storing champagne, the position of the bottle as when the storing gets done will also have to be considered. Storing champagne in the bottle form will have to done as in a way that the bottle stands in an upright position because when the champagne is stored on its side, it paves way for the ageing of champagne at a faster rate. When storing champagne in the horizontal way, the cork of the bottle stays wet, and this in turn loses the elasticity to allow air to seep into that of the bottle. This only lets the champagne to age faster than it ought to for getting optimum results.

Storing champagne when it is left-over champagne

Even the opening of champagne bottle can be done relatively easily as when compared to the task of putting it back into that of the bottle. Storing champagne in the left-over form can be a tedious process and you ought to coral the bubbles by following some of the methods that are ideal. Most importantly, storing champagne in the left-over form necessitates a pressure-withstanding cap, which is especially available for that of the champagne bottle. A metal spoon can also be placed at the neck portion of the bottle for keeping the fizz intact. You can also opt for another complicated process, where you should know the trick of pumping out oxygen and also carry out the process of pumping in of carbon dioxide. There is also time tested option of leaving the opened champagne bottle in the refrigerator in the upright position.

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food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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