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Sous Chef Definition

A Sous Chef definition is a tough one as it changes from establishment to establishment, but using the French Sous means under so Sous Chef means under Chef. Sous Chefs usually hold positions in restaurants, hotels, on cruise ships or in casinos, but more and more you will find positions available with private chefs and with catering operations.

The standard way to think of a Sous Chef is that they are the assistant to the Chef, or holds the position right below the Chef. They are second in command!

As with the second in command the Sous Chef definition means that when the Chef is not working or away from the establishment he Sous Chef is in charge and is responsible for the duties usually performed by the Chef.

This also puts the Sous Chef in the position to take over for the Chef if he should leave or be replaced so doing the very best you can in this position often leads to your chance at being number one and your first Executive Chef position.

Many people graduating from Culinary School today feel that hey are already a Chef since they received their degree, but this is not the case. You have to get out in the work place and build yourself a career. Many times this will start at working on the line of a restaurant or if you are very skilled you can land yourself a Sous Chef position.

The Sous Chef Definition – Job Responsibilities

I always laugh at the job description part of any restaurant position as I believe there is only one and that can be summed up in just three words. It is the same as the title for every member of a food & bev establishment and the underlying foundation of every successful restaurant – “Whatever it Takes”.

But if you must define the Sous Chef Definition further the break down is this – the Sous Chef is there to make the Chef look good. They do the grunge work; they learn their trade and refine their skills. They assure the establishment is sending out the best quality food they can. They also help manage the staff and are responsible for food and labor costs associated with running the kitchen.

The Sous Chef position is a stepping-stone for those that see a culinary career in their future. If you do not then stay hourly, as you will most likely make more money with less responsibility. If you do see yourself being an Executive Chef and running your own kitchen in the future use the Sous Chef position to learn and shine!

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food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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