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New Restaurant Show Looking for Front Personality

We are the creators and producers of the hit TV show 'United Tastes of America" with Jeffrey Saad on the Cooking Channel.

We're in development with a major cable TV network right now for a new show and we need a "restaurant expert".

Major cable TV Network is ready to move...we just need the talent!

The premise of the show: You will travel around to different struggling restaurants and give them tough love in order to help them improve. Food safety & restaurant management expertise is a must. Imagine kitchen/restaurant boot camp.

The personality we seek:

Imagine a blend of the restaurant savvy and strength of character of Gordon Ramsay meets the cool, unique look of Billy the Exterminator. Genuine Southern accent is a plus.

We're looking for a male that appears between the ages of 35-50's. Someone with a big and strong personality. Looking different or unique is a plus.

You certainly need to know your stuff when it comes to restaurant management and food safety, and you have to be able to kick some butt, put people in their place.

We're NOT looking for someone who is necessarily likeable for the restaurant show. Not that we should dislike you. But a nice, warm and fuzzy guy who is kind and wears a suit is not what we need.

We're NOT looking for a white collar professional who is good at teaching classes on how to manage a restaurant, running a corporation, increasing revenue (although someone that understands this would be fine) and keeping the kitchen clean.

Again, we're looking for Gordon Ramsay meets Billy the Exterminator who is going to come out swinging. Hollering even.

Moaning and groaning about things not being right in the kitchen. Of course, there will be a happy ending to every episode, where we make everything wrong, right.

What we need from potential talent is a short video, no longer than 5 minutes.

Video doesn't have to be professionally produced or complicated. Just something that shows you in action.

The video should highlight the following:

  • Kicking butt in the kitchen (even your own kitchen).
  • Again, think Gordon Ramsay ("Kitchen Nightmares") meets Billy the Exterminator.
  • You're not afraid to swing the bat and tell it like it is.
  • Let's hear some professional lingo with regards to restaurant terminology-show us you know your stuff.
  • "What the HELL is going on in here" and/or "what were you THINKING" are some good lines to include when speaking to the staff.

Please email your video via to, or send me a link to a website or upload a link to YouTube.

If you prefer to mail us a DVD please email Jennie Berger for our mailing address.

Video submissions for the restaurant show should be received no later than May 27, 2011, although ASAP is always better.

Jennie Berger
Lusid Media Productions
130 W. Jackson Avenue
Suite 105
Knoxville, TN 37902

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food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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