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Top Online Culinary Schools

Consider one of the online culinary schools when it is not possible, for those aspiring to pursue a career in culinary arts or the hospitality management industry, to attend campus courses either as full-time or as part-time students due to personal or professional commitments. The distance education programs offered by several schools, colleges, and universities are a big boon for such persons. The student can attend the virtual classes, interact with the instructors and other fellow students, access the course materials and library resources, submit completed assignments, and complete the programs purely in an online fashion. Hence, the culinary schools online are gaining in popularity in recent times.

Top Online Culinary Schools Providing Culinary Training

Ashford University was established in 1918. The university offers two bachelor of arts programs in culinary training. One is organizational management – culinary arts management and the other is business administration – hospitality management. The tuition fees for upper level bachelor programs are $337 for each credit. If the students wish to complete the programs in a fast pace, then the university allows them to complete the degree even in 12 months. The entire online education is designed in an asynchronous manner so that the students access the course materials and post their class work on a 24x7 basis.

Ashworth College is part of Ashworth University presents two diploma programs in gourmet cooking and hotel/restaurant management. Further, the university itself conducts three special programs under the human resources management. These programs are hospitality management training, hotel management program, and restaurant management school situated at Ashworth University.

Ellis University promotes two bachelor degree programs in hospitality management and interdisciplinary studies – hospitality management. The programs are offered in the latest state-of-the-art technology that is highly interactive, including streaming videos, personalized communication tools, and web-based simulations, so that the programs are presented in a lively manner for easier understanding by the students. Close interaction with the faculty and fellow students through a community-based dynamic setting makes the entire educational process enjoyable and quite rewarding.

Kaplan University provides one of the best known of the online culinary schools. Offering an associate degree of applied science in global travel and hospitality management. The online education is complemented by special features like discussion boards, web field trips, online quizzes, and interactive online seminars, apart from access to the huge resources of the university library. This program is designed to allow the students to take the examination of certified travel agent or CTA.

Penn Foster College is presenting an associate degree in hospitality management, apart from two diplomas in hotel/restaurant management and caterer through online distance education plan. The tuition fees are inclusive of all education related expenses and are quite affordable, with an option to pay the tuition fees in equal monthly installments with no interest. The college also assists the students in their job search after course completion.

Schiller International University provides the students with an online bachelor degree inhospitality management with concentration on international hotel and tourism management and a master degree in business administration with concentration on international hotel and tourism management. The asynchronous online delivery method of the programs allow the students to access the courses from anywhere on a 24x7 basis. The tuition fees include course materials, as well as the faculty-produced and instruction materials.

The other culinary schools online offering programs in culinary arts and hotel/restaurant management are Strayer University Online, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division, University of Phoenix, and several other schools, colleges, and universities.

Choosing one of the Top Online Culinary Schools

food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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