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The first thing that separates Hawaii food and beverage from the rest of the country is the food and beverage community in Hawaii live in paradise! Hawaii's unique location gives rise to a host of international culinary and cultural influences. The culinary professionals in Hawaii have even created their own cooking style, Hawaii Regional Cuisine. The vast amounts and variety of local ingredients has given the chefs a wonderful palate of the freshest products available. From the fruits and vegetables that are so plentiful to the abundant catches of seafood right down to Macadamia nuts Hawaii has such wonderful local products that eating fresh is as expected as the sunshine.

The active tourism market in Hawaii has also created an enormous influx of different cultures and tastes that have also made its way into the vibrant local food and beverage scene. It has also created an environment that has attracted some of the most talented food and beverage people in the world.

From tropical drinks in the lively nightclubs, to a poi at a Luau, to five star gourmet meals on the beach, your covered in Hawaii.

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food and beverage undergroundfood and beverage undergroundfood and beverage underground

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