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Wine Tour Through Tuscany

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Tuscany Wine Tours Will Open Up Your Eyes and Your Palate

When the pleasure of wine and the curiosity in discovering the different terroir are mixed, in a magical cocktail, with culture, art, history and archaeology you are in the presence of gastronomical tourism. Tuscany, like few other Italian regions, is without any doubt, of leading interest for this kind of tourism.

Tuscany is often called ”a land of sweet hills”. In this land you can find several vineyards producing high quality white and red wines. The wine routes are itineraries made to suggest a path through vineyards and their cellars, to taste the wines and to discover ancient villages, amazing farmhouses and age-old country houses: each of them with their traditions. But most of all far from beaten tracks!

Candia Hills and Lunigiana Wine Route

This is the northernmost Tuscan wine route. Cities like Carrara – world-famous for its marble – and Massa – with its unexpected architectural treasures – are part of this route. The most representative local wine is called Candia. It’s a gentle white wine. It’s great with seafood dishes.

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Lucca Hills and Montecarlo Wine Route

Driving south from Candia area you will find this route which including the fabulous city of Lucca. Lucca is the ideal point to start discovering the hills around the city. Countries of rare beauty with lots of history to tell: nature trails to get in touch with farmer’s tradition, sixteenth-century and nineteenth-century villas with their decadent beauty, monasteries and churches with their tall bell tower. Many white and red wines are produced in this area: the red ones or the merlot to be served with traditional Tuscan roast meat, the mushrooms and boiled meat; the white wines or the Vermentino to be served with light food like butter and sage tortelli or spaghetti with cheese and pepper; the Vin Santo (sweet wine) is perfect combining to dessert.

Pisa Hills Wine Route

This itinerary stretches from San Miniato (well-known for its truffle) to Pisa. In this area you can find Chianti red wines and Chianti Colline Pisane wines both DOCG wines. Even if they are “Chianti”, these wines are light and not so intense. These are young wines, better to drink them very soon, maximum in 2 years, good with pasta with a meat sauce or cheese not matured. The white wines are good with soups and potage instead.

Montespertoli Wine Route

This area is only 30 minutes away from Florence. Thanks to the climate, the sun exposition and the terroir this area is really good for vineyards. Here you will find a red wine, going to garnet-red when vintage, called Chianti Montespertoli. This wine well represents this land with its violet-scent and fruits of the forest perfume.

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