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hile gin will never know the profuse showcasing that vodka has experienced in this last decade on the back bar, the spirit has seen a well deserved, much applauded and happily continued resurgence in the cocktail scene.

Here are three unique labels you might consider. Each offers a beautiful blend competitive marketing and intrepid flavor for this generation.

Martin Miller's Gin

Miller's Gin, Gin, Miller's

I recently sat in on a Master Series small tasting class held in Reykjavik, Iceland by Martin Miller's Gin. I won't divulge the name brands we compared the smart and sassy Martin Miller's to, but I will say that this brand had a far more complex taste and something no other gin can claim on earth - the purity of Icelandic water.

Martin Miller's gin is an interesting situation in that this spirit was produced without the constraints of time or money "This gin was really born of love, obsession, and some degree of madness," says Martin Miller, "but in our determination to spare no journey and no expense to develop the consummate gin, we feel we've been very successful. It is a brand I enjoy and am proud to offer to anyone with a discerning palate."

The Site:
The Proof: Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin 90.4

The 2008 results of the International Review of Spirits Competition - held by the Beverage Tasting Institute – rewarded Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin with a rating of 96 and a Platinum Medal.

martin miller's gin, westbourne punch recipe from jon santer

The lucky imbiber gets a hint of interesting botanicals including but not limited to violets, cucumber, herbal juniper and sweet citrus.

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