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Jack Yoss of Ten 01

Jack Yoss, Portland chef, Ten 01

n May of 2007 Adam Berger and Michael Rypkema, owners of Ten 01 in the Pearl district of Portland, Oregon brought on Jack Yoss, an extremely talented Chef. Ten O1’s owners and the Chef have created a wonderful place to dine. Chef Jack Yoss describes his menu as “farm to table seasonal American cuisine”. Some of the offerings are Heirloom beets, Beef Carpaccio with fried oysters, homemade sausages, Duck confit stuffed Texas quail, and Pinot noir braised Short ribs on the menu. His passion shows through with his use of local ingredients, and by the dedication to his house made charcuterie plates.

He has worked under Mitchell Rosenthal at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio, where he became their first Chef de Cuisine. He held the top toque at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, responsible for Nine Thirty, the backyard along with 258 rooms. In 2004, was named one of the Best New Chefs in America by Food and Wine magazine. He is now about to embark on a personal journey of traveling the world honing his skills. We asked the Chef to answer a few questions so you could know him better.

Jack Yoss, Ten 01, Portland restaurants

[Kevin] "Tell us about your restaurant?"

[Jack] "Our restaurant is a beautiful space located in the pearl district of downtown Portland. It has 184 seats, 2 levels, a private dining room and bar seating for up to 50 guests. The restaurant is 2 and a half years young."

[Kevin] "What's your culinary style?"

[Jack "Our style of cooking would be modern American with French technique and slight Asian accents. America is built from so many cultures we can basically do want we want with the food and still call it American cuisine. A dish for instance would be our beef Carpaccio, it is served with fried oysters a thai chili aioli, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. The carpaccio would be Italian classically the aioli thai inspired with French technique and the garnishes thai as well. Fried oysters are classic to southern cooking. One thing we are not is fusion cuisine. WE try to have fun with the food while staying true to flavors and technique."

[Kevin] "Do you focus on local products?"

[Jack "We definitely focus on local products. Within 50 miles of the restaurant you can find all manners of vegetables, local cheese, lamb, beef, pork, fish, oysters, wine and even Oregon truffles. Portland is truly a special place."

[Kevin] "Do you change your menu accordingly? If so, how do you anticipate those changes?"

[Jack] "We do change our menus seasonally. The farmers out here actually grow to specifications product that you ask for and they always give you a heads up of what’s coming in season next and how long it will be around for. It is amazing when you place your orders and talk directly to the farmers and then they deliver the stuff themselves, produce still warm from the ground and the farmers wearing there overalls."

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