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Want to Stay Cool in the Kitchen?
Meet the Anti-Griddle

Our favorite new chef's toy & kitchen gadget is the Anti-Griddle.

hile attending the Chefs Congress in New York this past year, we found an amazing new toy for all you gadget folks. The Anti-Griddle, by PolyScience is a box about size of a small microwave, but with amazing tricks up its sleeve. The 12" anti-griddle top maintains a -30°F (34.44°C) to freeze sauces, purees, and any liquid quickly with great results almost instantaneously. As we walked by they were demonstrating how a squirt of chocolate sauce with a stir stick can make an instant Chocolate lollipop, with a crunchy outside, and a creamy center. Oh, the possibilities!

We were introduced to the product by inventor and founder of PolyScience; Philip Preston. After a brief demo we were sold on the neat new gadget. Preston is a scientist and inventor turned foodie and he has created several exciting innovations for the chefs looking for a new twist.

This cold plate can be used as a catering tool, and imaginative menu presentations. I am sure if you set Anti-Griddle up on a catering station, you would have a line mesmerized by liquids turning into solids instantly.

This machine's ultra cold surface can be used in freezing the bottom surface of an item, leaving the top cool; freezing both sides, and or freezing everything solid. The techniques can bring presentation to a new level, with layering different textures, and foods, making free form shapes, such as your logo. The freeze point depends on the food and its texture. Some ideas they suggested with the Anti-Griddle are yogurt canapés, semi frozen vinaigrettes, and instant granitas. This tool is a must have for all Chefs how love to play with their foods.

Polyscience has been manufacturing refrigerating and heating equipment since 1963, producing a list of thermal circulators, thermal baths, circulating baths, and other custom design equipment. Chefs have been fascinated with this equipment to put their unique spin on a dish. Chefs like Charlie Trotter, Wylie Dufresne, Jean-George Vongerichten have equipment from PolyScience in their kitchens.

  • Quickly freezes sauces and purees into solid, unique forms — or freezes just the outer surfaces while maintaining a creamy center
  • Minus 30°F 'griddle' temperature ensures almost instantaneous results
  • Approximately 1 square foot high-endurance cooktop provides an ample, easy-to-clean work surface

For more information contact PolyScience at 1-800-229-7569 or visit their website at

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