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arm dinners have been taking place as long as there have been farms. Plate and Pitchfork came to life seven years ago while working on another food-focused charity event. Through past events they had a nice network of culinary and farm contacts so they pitched the idea of a farm dinner to them - the response from chefs was "if you plan it we'll show up and cook." The response from farmers was "we've always wanted to do that, we just don't have the time to organize it." Hence, the birth of Plate and Pitchfork by co-founders Erika Polmar & Emily Berreth.

Their goal was to reconnect people with their food. They wanted to remind the guests not only of how great freshly picked produce tastes, but of the time, energy and talent that goes into creating good food. They firmly believed, and still do, that once you make that connection with food it's very easy to change your behavior in a way that creates a healthier community and makes you healthier and happier too.

"With farmers, chefs, winemakers, sponsors and a handful of able-bodied friends who volunteered their time -- we had our first dinner. Approximately forty people attended the first dinner, many of whom were friends or family, but word spread quickly and by our third dinner that summer we had 96 guests and a waiting list."

They work with many of the best chefs in Portland, all of whom support local agriculture in their own kitchens and appreciate the opportunity to get out of their kitchens and into the fields. They also work with outstanding wineries, breweries and distilleries in the area that provide a very different perspective on the connection between farm & table.

Each year they also select a group of small non-profits who might not otherwise be able to host such an event and give them a platform to talk about their programs and missions. They also donate a portion of our proceeds to theses partners and provide additional fundraising opportunities at the dinners for them.

The entire project is also made possible through the generous support of sponsors who not only provide monetary contributions but also attend the dinners and provided insight the pieces of agriculture we don't see - like the process of creating olive oil or dairy goods. Our sponsors are terrific examples of how larger companies can think and act sustainably.

Susan Sokol Blosser, a pioneering Oregon winegrower, says that you should know your farmer as well if not better than you know your doctor, lawyer or accountant. When you know who is growing/producing your food your perceptions will start to change - from value to food safety. Developing a relationship with your farmer provides valuable insight into food cultivation, history and even food preparation.

We wanted to know more about the relationship that they have with the farmers and chefs and they let us know;

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