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isiting the farmers market has become a ritual for many in cities across the country. This ritual is about finding local delicious produce, while supporting local farmers in the process. While this hasn’t always been the case, until about five years ago, there were only a couple of farmers, a few artists, and a handful of concession stands. Now, the markets are full of farmers, peddling fresh blueberries, strawberries, squash, greens, and every imaginable vegetable.

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Most people show up with their own environmentally safe bag to shop for their weekly vegetables. Local Chefs wander the isles deciding which vegetables are in peak season, and discussing upcoming products with the local farmers, and in a growing number of cases, designing their restaurants evening dinner menu.

This exploding trend has been spured on by what has been coined the “Locavore’s” who are individuals who support the local food movement. While people are starting to realize how delicious local foods can be, they also are saving small farms, which have been on a decline for decades. The localvores are also looking to suport local restaurants that use local farm products.

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Small farms are run by local people supporting their land and their families. By putting money into local farms, either by purchasing directly or through restaurants suporting the local farmers, they are also supporting the local economy, due to the money the farmer puts back into the community with buying feed and other products to run their farms. Buying local generally means you are buying as fresh as you can get. Produce at your grocery store generally travels over 1500 miles and was picked at least a week before you take it home. Local produce is generally organic, pesticide free, and minimally processed.

By cutting out the middle men the local farmers are able to not only offer a much better product to you, but they are also able to make enough money to keep their farm going. In the store settings farmers only get 3.5 cents of every dollar spent on fruits and vegetables whereas selling localy brings that rate considerably higher.

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