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The Rhode Island food and beverage scene is obscured by the the size of the area the state occupies. Rhode Island is in the New

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England area, with traditional fare of Chowders, Johnnycakes, Cranberry muffins are very popular in the area. Early on the Portuguese immigrants settled into these whaling ports and using the sea and land to impact the state’s foods. By the 19th Century foods were grand in scheme and simple fare. Mostly early on the settlers produced for the needs of their own family. The land was regarded as highly valued to produce agricultural products, due to farmable land was scarce. On account at one of the oldest farms in America, by bartering items they produced, they could buy coffee, tea, and spices. It was not uncommon to grow enough apples and potatoes to pay for children’s education. As all New England colonists, food preparation was challenging, due to white flour was expensive. The cooks of the family adapted recipes using ingredients easily attainable. So Rhode islanders used cornmeal for their breads and cakes. Corn bread was fried in cast iron skillets and called Johnnycakes. Being limited to the amount of land that could be farmed, they turned to the sea, harvesting clams, and other seafood for their food source. Now the home of Johnson and Whales in Providence, the food and beverage scene has certainly been enhanced.

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Upcoming F&B Events

September 29-30, 2007 Annual Taste of Rhode Island
Newport, Rhode Island

October 13-14, 2007 Bowen's Wharf 17th Annual Seafood Festival
Newport, Rhode Island

October 25, 2007 11th Annual Food For Thought
Providence, Rhode Island.

April 9-10 2008 Fish Expo WorkBoat Atlantic
Providence, Rhode Island.

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