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Tennessee food and beverage has been making great strides since their original state was settled. Their food roots are today still a combination of their original food roots. Tennessee were settled by English, Scotch-Irish, or French Huguenot descent. They grew corn, potatoes, some vegetables, and fruit.

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They were said to all have had one apple tree. In the mountains, hunting was plentiful with deer, hog, and wild turkey.

The women learned to make stews with possum, squirrel, rabbit, and bear, which soon became a part of Tennessee cooking. Most of the type of cuisine came from the part of the country they lived. The hill country roasted and stewed meats.

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Western Tennessee had more of a luxurious plantation fare of formal meals and multiple dishes. Ham and Corn were common to both groups, with each settlement having its own flavor of country ham. Tennessee is known for the country hams, whereas the Smithfield hams are different. Corn was used in breads, as well as a vegetable. As the deep South, Greens were cooked with ham, pork, or “fatback” for flavorings, and enjoyed on both sides of the fence. Wild leeks, or Ramps grow in the mountains of Tennessee even to this day. Some great food inventions have been the GooGoo Cluster, and the Moon pie. Tennessee is a large agricultural community, being one of the top five producers of tomatoes, and snap peas making up of 46% of acres being farm land.

Go out and enjoy that great traditional Tennessee food and beverage scene and explore original Tennessee food.

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