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The Right Beer Lovers Gift

Looking for that food and beverage beer lovers gift? Long gone are the days that giving them a case of beer will satisfy today’s food and beverage tastes. With the micro-beer revolution now in full swing there is a multitude of selections on the market today. One of the best ways to satisfy the taste of every food and beverage beer lover is by diversity.

Beer Clubs

With that in mind our favorite beer lovers gift this year is a Beer Club Membership. This is not only a gift that keeps you on their mind each and every month, but it really gives the beer lover a taste of many beers that they normally would never think of drinking if they could even get their hands on them. With so many micro-brews out there today this is one of the only ways that one can effectively try as many beers as many of the clubs have. As with the program we suggested with the wine, our favorite Beer Club is the Gourmet of the Month Club as they not only have great prices, but they also allow you to get different length memberships ranging from two months to a full year.

Beer Kits

Our next gift is for the more adventurous of beer drinkers,
MR.BEER Pro Beer Kit Brewing System
and that is an actual beer making kit. The beer making process is relatively simple and with the kits on the market today they have turned the science of beer making into a great hobby. Not only will this gift bring a smile to the lucky recipient, but with a little luck you may even get a few beers out of the deal. Mr. Beer offers a collection of beer making kits, supplies, and merchandise. As Low As $39.99! - Makes A Great Gift!

Beer Glassware

Another classic gift for beer lovers is the traditional beer stein. Yes, pint glasses are fine, but who doesn’t enjoy drinking a beer the proper way, out of a Stein! Here is a list of classic beer glasses from RestockIt (Take 10% OFF orders over $100 at Today. Use Coupon Code: AFM10C ) where you can get the same great prices that restaurants do on glassware.

12 Oz. Tankard Beer Mug. Case of 12 Libbey 5355 19 1/4 Ounce Dimple Stein. Case of 24

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