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Basta's Peoria -- A Gem on Prospect Road, Peoria Heights, Illinois

by Bill More-- Your Secret Chef
(Peoria, IL )

We have finally taken some time to visit Basta's at 4538 N Prospect Road in Peoria Heights, Illinois. This spot is owned and operated by Mike and Shannon Bonn, a delightful young couple with a passion for the business.
Mike had worked for the former owner for years and when they were ready to make a change, he and Shannon purchased the spot and made it their own.

Located in an area of Peoria Heights that has slowly become the go-to spot for locally-owned restaurants and unique retail shops providing an exciting and eclectic street to visit again and again.

While similar to other Italian-influenced restaurants in the Tri-County area, Basta's in Peoria offers some special and unique dishes that delight the eye before the palate and the time visiting is well worth it.

For appetizers they offer Bruschetta and Calamari as do many restaurants, but they also have Crab Stuffed Mushrooms with sage and creamy alfredo sauce and Tuscan Nachos with spinach, mozzarella, chicken, tomato and artichoke hearts. Our friends ordered the Crab Stuffed Mushrooms which were fabulous and filling and the Tuscan Nachos were a most pleasant change with a cheesy/creamy sauce and loads of chips. The plate was so full I took home the rest.

As for the entrees, they range from a House Specialty Seafood Casino which is a wonderful combination of shrimp, scallops and crabmeat in a creamy marinara, fettuccini and mozzarella, to Chicken Parmesan, lightly breaded chicken pan fried and topped with baked mozarella and Parmesan, to
Veal Corvano with thinly sliced veal topped with prosciutto ham and provolone to a variety of pasta dishes. There is a Tortellini Carbonara again with prosciutto ham, mushrooms, peas tossed in a cream sauce finished with Parmesan. The monster dish of the pasta group has to be
"The Bastacolli" and the menu says--- "You eat it all & receive a Basta's Tee-Shirt." Well, this cowboy did not even come CLOSE to finishing this monster dish. It was a delightful combination of Sausage, Meatballs, Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms in a rich marinara over penne pasta and baked with more mozzarella and Parmesan Crust. This dish should get more exposure. I am certain that it would easily serve 4-6 hungry family members and maybe have a little more left over. I kindly, maybe sheepishly, asked our waitress for a carry home container. She smiled and brought me one. I know we will have meals for another week!!
It was delicious, fun, and value packed. The entire table got a big kick out of the whole event.

Basta's Peoria also offers a number of daily specials and my wife selected the seared tuna which she devoured over the course of the evening.

With other restaurants on North Prospect Road you will find your interests quite satisfied, but none will satisfy you more than Basta's Peoria in Peoria Heights, Illinois. It is a special place certainly worthy of your visit.

Basta's Peoria
4538 N Prospect Road
Peoria Heights, IL

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