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Chef Bill Brings You
The Peoria Hospitality Scene

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Personal Chef Bill was born in Chicago and spent his upbringing in the suburban Chicago city of Evanston, Illinois. While being raised in a decidedly non-culinary family, his interest in great foods and great tastes was sparked early on by his sister, the creative cook in the family.

At the age of 15, Bill started taking informal cooking lessons, learning more and more about fresh foods, colorful and flavorful combinations, even textural combinations on the plate. Bill was continually told that there was nothing wrong with any combination that he may want to try. With every 'failure' of a recipe, another avenue is opened that may yet lead to success.

While he has no culinary degree, Chef Bill has taken dozens of cooking classes all over the United States. He has yet to be totally stymied by a recipe or cooking experience. With thousands of kitchen hours under his belt, he feels comfortable and confident in the kitchen and around foods of all kinds.

His service offerings include in-home meal preparation, cheffing for dinner parties, Intimate/Romantic Dinners for couples and Dinner & Massage Experiences for couples. Your Pampered Spouse Events including maid service and dinner, Cooking Lessons, and much, much more.

He has decided that he no longer wants to deal with people that are not fun. He tells us: "If you are a fun person, please feel free to give me a call. If you are not a fun person, lose my number!" Bill also is active in The Traveling Vineyard offering Wine Tasting Events to interest people in their homes and feels that it is an ideal complement to his personal chef service options.

Chef Bill and his wife Holly have been married for 35 years and have two sons, Joshua 31, and Zachary 28, who are both happily employed and independent. When he is not cheffing, shopping, planning or marketing, Bill can be found gardening, biking, traveling, or simply enjoying wine and cheese!

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