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2 Chez Restaurant -- Peoria

by Chef Bill More, Your Secret Chef, Personal Chef Service
(Peoria, IL )

Well my bride and I had a chance to re-visit 2 Chez Restaurant in the Pioneer Park area of North Peoria and we were impressed. This place is locally owned by Todd Hohulin and he continues to present creative, innovative yet comfortable dishes that please.

With a solid variety of appetizers that include, from the menu, Peoria's Best Calamari, Stuffed Artichokes with spinach, garlic, cheese and lemon butter, a special Eggplant Tomate with lightly battered eggplant topped with diced tomatoes, garlic, herbs and feta, and a Bruschetta that includes diced tomatoes, herbs, garlic and a touch of balsamic, his selection is sure to please any palate.

Entrees range from Beef including Steak Diane with Filet Medallions and portabella mushrooms in a Drambuie demi reduction, Chicken including a Chicken Piccata, that my wife enjoyed, with chicken, capers, garlic, lemon butter and Parmesan riggiano, Veal, including Veal au Poivre, with veal cutlets, portabellas, cracked peppercorns in a brandy-cream sauce, Fish with a Macadamia Crusted Catfish and a freshly-made tartar sauce, to Pastas and my Chicken Three Cheese Alfredo served with penne pasta, rich cream sauce, mushrooms, tomato and broccoli.

Even Chef Hohulin's side dishes are inspired with a Maple Butter Sweet Potato and Garlic Mashed Red Skin Potatoes as examples.

His menu changes and there are daily specials to complement the scene.

The restaurant itself is intimate, subdued colors and fabulous framed old timey family photos on the walls, helping add to the ambiance of a wonderful locally-owned establishment that truly reflects the personality and style of the owner himself. There is a full service bar as well, and some wonderful desserts that you really should try when you have a chance.

It is wonderful to re-visit a spot that impressed on previous visits, and continues to do so with creativity and style today. We wish him well.

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