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Wyoming food and beverage is wide open. Wyoming is a great state of people of many cultures offering several tasty options. By 1851, settlers started showing up on wagon trains to build their homesteads. As people headed west in search of gold,

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many established farms and to plant crops. They started braising bear meat, venison steak, and using hominy with dried beef. They as one would think were living off the land, using dutch ovens over open fire to make everything from coffee, cakes to just boiling water. They were from all over the world, representing over 40 different nationalities in Rock Springs. The town was full of old world charm from a French bakery, to a Greek candy shop, to a Chinese restaurant, to Germans making Wiener schnitzel and cheesecakes, the Norwegians prepared cold fruit dishes. If you had to have an Official state food, it would have to be the cutthroat trout. The state is best known for its bean production, have played an important role in the diet of the early settlers. Jerky was a popular snack early on – dried meat of buffalo, elk, moose, deer, or just beef. Bread was always a staple due to its was inexpensive and easy to make.

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