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The first thing people think of when it comes to Washington State food and beverage scene is Seattle. Yes Seattle is a dynamic city

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full of wonderful coffee houses with a vibrant music scene, but Washington offers so much more. The food and beverage business thrives throughout the state. The coastal areas offer a huge variety of Northwestern seafood fare that is top notch. The Mountain areas are full of wonderful specialties, and the smaller cities and towns like Pullman (had to put in Pullman my birthplace) has their legendary Cougar Gold Cheese!

According to the restaurant association Washington is full of independent small business restaurants. 72% of Washington State food based restaurants are small businesses with sales less than $500,000 per year. 37% of all of the restaurants have offerings of some type of ethnic food making Washington’s food as diverse as the state.

Such places as Mount Rainier, Pike Place Market, the Cascade Mountains, Lewis & Clark trail, and add in the many breweries and wineries, then throw in a dollop of the thriving art and music scene then top it off with a jolt of java, it's no wonder why Washington State is a food and beverage hot spot.

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Upcoming F&B Events

August 11, 2007 Prosser Wine & Food Fair
Prosser, Washington

September 1, 200761st Annual Seafood Festival & Craft Show
Westport, Washington

September 20-23, 200717th Annual Wenatchee River Salmon Festival
Leavenworth, Washington

October 6-7, 2007OysterFest
Shelton, Washington

October 12-31, 2007Wild Mushroom Festival
Long Beach, Washington

October 13-14, 2007Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival
Port Angeles, Washington

October 13-14, 2007Cranberry Harvest Festival
Grayland, Washington

November 9-11, 2007Coffee Fest Seattle
Seattle, Washington

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