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Wisconsin food and beverage people have created an interesting blend of culinary traditions. The foods include Bratwurst, beer,

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cheese, fry bread, fondue, cream puffs, and cranberries, and Friday night fish fry. When I think of Wisconsin, I think of cheeses, since it is the birthplace of the dairy industry; white cheddar, longhorn Colby, Amish blue, baby Swiss, brick, muenster, romano, limburger, parmesan, mozzarella, brie, chevre. The traditions are long in Wisconsin; deer hunting, pubs, tail gating, picnics, ice fishing, morel hunting, custard stands, and maple sugaring. The products that come from Wisconsin includes beer, apples, cheese, sausage, maple syrup, cherries, wild rice, cranberries, honey, morel mushrooms, sweet corn, bison, hickory nuts, rhurbard, strawberries, ginseng, horseradish, and asparagus to name a few.

If you are in the Wisconsin food and beverage business please keep up the tradition and keep bringing us the best of Wisconsin.

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Upcoming F&B Events

September 14-15, 2007 9th Annual Food for Thought Festival
Madison, Wisconsin

September 28-29, 2007 43rd Annual Beef-A-Rama
Minocqua, Wisconsin .

September 28-30, 2007 The Warrens Cranberry Festival
Warrens, Wisconsin

October 5-7, 200746th Annual Bayfield Apple Festival
Bayfield, Wisconsin

October 6, 200725th Annual Apple Affair
Galesville, Wisconsin

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