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Year round Boiseans boisterously bustle and flock to the streets for the many local celebrations, festivals, and

other happenings around town. So many of the events that happen in the Metro area revolve around the food of many cultures.

Chef Robert Jensen Brings You Idaho

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From the many wineries that dot the outline of the area to the mom and pop shops that provide exceptional food, the Boise area is freckled with fabulous food finds. Sometimes they aren’t too easy to find, but with a little looking you will be amazed at the food you never knew existed here in town.

But Boise has more to offer than just food, it’s the many close locations packed with adventure and fun, that and the communities that support those areas, that bring such great tastes to you. Whether you head over to Eagle and visit the local farmers market and fruit stands to grab some home grown and organic eats or head downtown to your favorite pub there is something for everyone. Better yet, get in your car and head to the mountains for the weekend and experience some of McCall and the surrounding area. From old favorites like The Pancake House to Ice Cream Alley, you’ll find something that will bring you back to being a child. If you are feeling a little fancier, head to Sun Valley and experience world class accommodation, world class ski slopes, and glimpses of celebrity that so frequently hide out there. What’s the cherry on top for all these great places? They are only a couple of hours away and the drive alone make it all worth while.

It’s the local people who bring some of the most amazing food to us though! Farmers from the North End to Emmett and even beyond bring us the freshest ingredients around. There are farms all over, perhaps even in your neighborhood, that bring you everything from free range chicken eggs to organic zucchini and even edible flowers. Besides larger farms, you can find several CSAs in your area or that will deliver to your neighborhood. Not only that, you can go to your local fruit stands such as

Reggie’s Veggies and find the most spectacular produce you have ever seen. Just driving by the place makes me want to get out of my car, chat up the locals, and buy some spectacular squash, or take home some locally grown peaches for dessert. Besides being able to buy seasonal, local, and organic produce at your local fruit stand, you can also go to the many quickly growing farmers markets. For so long we had to drive into downtown Boise to get the specialty finds we love so much but if that’s too far or just too crowded, make your way to the Meridian, Eagle, or McCall farmers market. You’re mouth will water at the warm breads, freshly squeezed lemonades, organic local meats, and newly picked veggies and fruit.

Another positive is that socially conscious grown food is being produce constantly in the area and is becoming more widely available each day. Not only is this better for our environment it’s also improving the health of people in our local community. Furthermore, recycling is becoming more and more available in the area and restaurants are even participating, making your eating out more socially conscious as well.


For most of us, we know Eagle as the quaint little town with a classy act. Eagle is forever expanding and with its expansion we are blessed with a new food find every couple of months. Whether you like cupcakes or pasta Eagle really has it all. Before or after you fill up at your favorite spot walk Eagle’s quite streets to find some amazing shopping. You’ll find something for everyone. And when you eat in Eagle, don’t forget to bring the family. As high end as Eagle can be there are nice meals with fabulous taste that will fit in everyone’s budget and they are all family friendly. If you plan on eating in for dinner and doing the cooking yourself, stop and pick up some fresh bread, a perfect steak or two, and some delicious veggies at the local stores and you’ll have a little bite of Idaho for dinner. Eagle is known for having local produce in town for you to eat. While you can find your average supermarkets and your chain coffee shops, it’s always better to shop at the locally owned and grown stores. Food just tastes a bit sweeter knowing that one of your neighbors produced it with love than knowing it came from South America 10 days ago.


Downtown Boise is a place all to its own and it’s literally covered in hidden food finds so park your cars, chain up your bikes, and hop to your feet in order to get to your favorite restaurants. Whether you have a fancy for Hyde Park or your mouth is watering for your favorite bistro, downtown is a sure thing to find whatever it is that you are looking for. The best part of going downtown is no matter what time of year or what day of the week you will always find something to do. Downtown Boise is packed full of fun events, including the farmers market, Basque center, BoDo, and Main Street. If you are looking to pack your day full of downtown take this proposal for a spin. Head down to the Farmers market first thing on Saturday and pick up some fresh bread, some fruits and veggies, and some of your favorite cheese and call it good. Afterwards, head over to Goldy’s and have breakfast or brunch. Afterwards, head the many shops down town and find vintage or high end clothing, or stop in and pick up your favorite stationary and gift wrap. Or if you like dessert before lunch head to a local chocolate and sweets store and pick up something sinful. Ready for lunch? Head over to Bodo and pick up some pizza, or maybe Chinese is more your thing. Once you’re full, head over to Bronco shop and pick up your outfit for next week’s game. Later head over to the zoo or the rose garden and spend some time with nature. Now that you are worn out and need some more energy head to your favorite pub and grab a great northwest bite to eat and wash it down with a local brew. Top it off with a little ice cream from your favorite shop. If you’re still kicking head to your desired club and dance the night away. See, downtown really does have something for everyone.

Wherever you are in the Boise area, know that you can have whatever kind of food you like. There is always American and Northwest Flavors around, but the culture goes beyond that. I believe this area has some of the best Mexican food around and if that’s what you like you’ll find yourself in wonderland and you won’t be able choose between the many wonderful restaurants. However, if that’s not your cup of tea there are other flavors available to please your pallet. How does Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean sound, or perhaps Basque? Or is Chinese, Japanese, or Korean what you are looking for? A little more adventure still? Then hop on over your local Egyptian or Vietnamese restaurant. No matter what you like there is something for everyone.

No matter where it is your are going in Boise, or even if you are going to Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, or Caldwell, make sure you take a moment to find something that you are really craving. Furthermore, stop eating for that fast food chain you so frequently feed at or the local chain restaurant the leave your tastebuds dull and find a place with local food that has flavors that will treat and tickle your tastebuds instead. The Boise-Metro area is full of flavorful finds, start looking because it’s like a treasure chest of food.


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