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Baton Rouge is the melting pot of Louisiana. The city has so many different ethnicities and cultural influences. Although food and beverages might not be the first thing you

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think about when you think of Baton Rouge, but don’t underestimate the power of the “Red Stick”.

This city has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary delights and lively libations. From Mid City which is lined with quaint little eateries that only the locals know about to the ever growing downtown watering holes and which are frequented by young professionals of the city.

Mid City- is in the heart of Baton Rouge. This district is known for its art galleries and eclectic eateries. La Carreta serves up tradition Mexican cuisine in a fun and vibrant setting. They also feature their infamous “$100 Margarita” made with 1942 Don Julio. For Louisiana bistro fare head down to Bistro Byronz where their motto is “homemade is good”. They were made famous years ago with their eat-in and take-out lunches. They are now opened for dinner offering such favorites like the 10 oz Beaucoup De Burger and the Heavenly Hash Cake. Now if you want to dine at a place only the locals know about, you would go to Fleur De Lis Pizza. This is not your typical pizza place. It has been open for over 60 years. They are known for their Roman style pizzas. They only have two things on their menu, pizza with a variety of different toppings to pick from and pickled eggs. Yes, that’s right pickled eggs. They’ve won many different awards and their pizza is a Baton Rouge staple.

Downtown- has not always been known for its eateries. Over the past few years downtown has been going through a much need face lift. Now the area is bustling with new restaurants and bars, making the “go to place” for locals. 3rd Street is the focal point in the downtown area. The bars and eateries are very diverse and there is something for everyone. Happy’s Irish Pub serves up a concoction they call “Hooligans” while their cocktail waitresses are decked out in catholic school girl uniforms. A short jump across the street you’ll find the Roux House which offers a great drinks and a rather large patio which is a great place to unwind after work. Tsunami definitely has the best view in town, besides the LSU football stadium. It’s located on at the top of the Shaw Center. The restaurant over looks the Mississippi river and has a sculpture garden where patrons can wine, dine, or just lounge and listen to the seductive tunes of whichever dj is spinning that night. Located just six floors down is Capital City Grill. They were voted “Best Burger in Town”. For a quick trip to the bayou go to Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s, they serve regional favorites like gumbo and shrimp po boys with sweet potato fries. The Little Village is very cozy and turns out authentic Italian cuisine that will make you miss Italy. Downtown is still growing and I am excited to see and taste what will be next.

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